Council Description


The President’s Leadership Council (PLC) was established during the 1977-1978 academic year to recognize students who exemplify well-rounded excellence through leadership, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and service to the university and community.

Our charter members established several goals for the PLC, among them to increase community support for UCF and to assist high school students in their knowledge of higher education. They launched a campaign to inform the Central Florida community of what UCF offers both to students and to the community. They were also responsible for the development of a peer advisement program, the establishment of a President’s Honor Roll, and the implementation of a series of leadership seminars for students. These original goals have been expanded for today’s PLC members to include serving the University of Central Florida, acting as a student advisory group to the university president, and educating and developing each individual council member.

Today, PLC members represent the university in a variety of situations and settings, both on and off campus. During the 2016-2017 academic year, the PLC contributed more than 4500 hours in public service for the university. In return, the council seeks to cultivate and refine the skills and abilities of these top students.


The council members of PLC serve UCF as official student ambassadors at all times and at special events such as Commencements, Board of Trustees’ meetings, Board of Governors’ meetings and Gubernatorial visits. PLC members are expected to establish a tradition of leadership for students at UCF. Members of the council are expected to maintain a commitment to personal and professional development and to act with professionalism while carrying out their duties. In return, the PLC receive experience and training in leadership, administration, and public relations as a result of their interaction with campus and community leaders.

Events that the President’s Leadership Council take part in include:

  • Board of Trustees’ Meetings
  • Gubernatorial and Legislative Visits
  • National¬† Scholars’ Reception
  • Founders’ Day
  • Philanthropic Functions
  • Hosting the President’s Box at home football games
  • Events at the Burnett House (President’s Home)
  • Faculty/A&P Events
  • Groundbreakings
  • New building dedications
  • Many other events throughout the year