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The purpose of this tab is to facilitate communication between alumni and current PLC members. Here you will find our monthly newsletter, announcements, and contact information.

[one_half padding=”0 30px 0 0″]When I first joined the PLC I was told, “Once you are on PLC, you are part of the family for life”. This resonated with me when it came time to make goals for the upcoming year. Improving alumni relations is an important goal for us this year. We want alumni to be part of our new council and we want open lines of communication. From speaking at meetings to collaborating on projects together, alumni offer a unique perspective and wisdom that is indispensable. Our PLC Secretary, Yanelis Diaz, is leading the charge on alumni relations so you will hear from her throughout this year and she will serve as a point of contact for questions, comments, or concerns.

PLC Love,

Raquel Arthuzo
Presidents Leadership Council Chair


I am Yanelis Diaz, the current PLC Secretary (formerly known as historian). My goal this year is to engage alumni as much as possible so we hear more of your experiences. With over 40 years of council members, we are one big family that I cannot wait to learn more about!

Yanelis Diaz
President’s Leadership Council Secretary[/one_half]

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Just hit another career milestone or reflecting on your accomplishments? Be our next alumni to be featured and share your story with PLCers! Please email if you are interested in being featured.

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