Recruitment is now open for the 2019-2020 PLC!


      • Serve as an ambassador for the university at all times.
      • Represent the university at community and UCF events.
      • Host honored and distinguished guests of the university.
      • Establish a tradition of leadership for the students of UCF.
      • Serve as a liaison with the university president and the president’s spouse regarding key student issues.
      • Complete 75 service hours between the time of your selection to December 23rd, and 50 service hours from January 4th through April 25th 2020.

Eligibility Requirements:

      • Candidates should be of Junior standing or higher (60 credit hours earned) by the end of the spring semester in which they apply.
      • Must have an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 or better at time of application.
      • Candidates should be full-time students during both the fall and spring semesters following selection.
      • Candidates have demonstrated leadership ability through involvement in university and community organizations and activities.


      • Students have gained internships and jobs from hosting honored and distinguished guests of the university.
      • A service award of $500 will be made as an honorarium to compensate PLC members for their service.
      • Uniforms provided for each member including a nice fitted suit and polo shirt.
      • Great leadership and professionalism enhancement including networking opportunities.
      • Makes you more professional and marketable to employers.

Application Materials: